Just Ausome Ambassador


Eliza was kindly offered the chance to be an ambassador for the company Just Ausome a couple of months ago. She has loved their clothing for years, in particular the hoodies (Currently she owns 6 different colour hoodies, lost count of the t-shirts but it’s safe to say she’s working her way through them all….). The material is soft and easy to wash in a machine, the labels are removable easily for any sensory issues and the variety of colours available is amazing. They also offer other products such as bags, coffee mugs, travel mugs and badges. All with the aim of spreading autism awareness and acceptance and the clothing comes in a wide variety of sizes fitting both children and adults.


I asked Eliza recently about why she likes the clothes so much. Here are her answers…

“They are pretty and soft and I like all the colours”

“You can take out the prickly bits (labels)”

“People read the words and leave me alone” (instead of staring or making comments)

Eliza has always struggled with anxiety, especially out in public. Often made worse by people staring at her if she cried or had a meltdown. For many years she’d refuse to go to town or in to shops or supermarkets. It’s only in the last couple of years she has regained confidence and managed to handle her anxiety and can now go to the cinema, theatre, town, some restaurants…. It has really helped at times having clothing by Just Ausome. It’s even led to people coming and asking us about it and often telling us they have learnt something new that day by doing so. For Eliza, they give her a kind of shield from the public which she finds a real comfort. She wears the words that make people stop and think twice before judging or making rude remarks. And they are comfortable (I know this, I own a couple of their hoodies and t-shirts myself).


Eliza is so pleased to be an ambassador and she is proud to show the world that she’s out there raising awareness for autism acceptance and understanding. If you’d like to check out the products then here are some links……

Just Ausome Website/Shop

Just Ausome Facebook Page

Just Ausome Instagram