A mini interview with Mrs H

I’ve no idea how I came across Mrs H and her page but it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I am lucky that I’ve met Mrs H and her beautiful family. Kelly (It’s a Tink Thing) and I travelled to Scotland last year to finally meet her face to face. Such an amazing family and Mrs H is a fantastic friend that is extremely caring and supportive. She goes that extra mile to look out for people despite having an incredibly busy home life. She’s one special lady!

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello I am Mrs H, mummy to two incredible little girls.  I love cooking, reading crime novels, drinking wine and going to the cinema.

What is your connection to autism?

My husband and both my daughters are autistic.


What made you start a Facebook page/blog?

We had a terrible time getting the girls diagnosed and supported.  It took a long time to get my older daughter’s diagnosis and soon after her diagnosis we relocated to Scotland.  Social care up here accused me of child abuse and of making it all up as they didn’t recognise her struggles.  I set up our page to spread information about autism generally but to also highlight the more hidden aspects of autism in some girls on the spectrum and to try and prevent others who may have been in the same situation as me, from feeling as alone as I felt whilst fighting to clear my name.

Do you think there is enough support and resources in your area for autistic people and their families?

No, there is not enough at all.  We have to travel quite far to access anything and that is varied and limited.


What are your thoughts about how autism is portrayed in the media?

I think autism and autistic people are under represented and the few fictional characters I am aware of all seem quite stereotypical.  I’d love to see more nuanced characters representing girls on the spectrum in more mainstream dramas.  Talia Grant in Hollyoaks is a huge step forward but I confess it’s not a show I watch.  There have been massive strides forward in terms of coverage in documentaries talking about autism and representing autistic people – I thought the Chris Packham documentary, Asperger’s and Me, was brilliant and the Channel 4 show ‘Are you Autistic?’ fronted by Georgia Harper and Sam Ahern, two autistic women was great.  It provoked a lot of discussion outside the autistic community too.  It’d be great to see more autistic people fronting main TV shows like the One Show, or This morning, producing and controlling how autism is portrayed both in fictional and reality based genres.  Anne Hegerty’s appearance in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ was very powerful because autism wasn’t the focus but her experiences and reactions featured enough to help people understand how it can impact on life.  I thought she was incredibly brave.

What 3 books, related to autism, would you recommend to people?

All the Girl with the Curly hair books by Alis Rowe are brilliant.  Talking Autism, Parenting your Unique Child by Victoria Hatton and Walking on Eggshells, Confessions from an Asperger marriage and how we made it work by Karen Rowlands.  Karen also wrote an app which is brilliant called Asperger marriage Instant Help.


What would you like the world to know about autism?

That it affects girls in the same way as boys and that it is not an illness or something that needs to be ‘cured’.  It’s just a different operating system.  The world is not set up for the autistic operating system though so it isn’t easy wherever someone is on the spectrum and by talking about autism, learning about it and by making small adjustments for an autistic person you can make a real difference to their lives.

You can follow Mrs H (and Little Miss H & Tiny Miss H) here: H2Au: the stuff of our life


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