A mini interview with Zoe

I can’t remember when I started following Zoe’s incredible Facebook page but Brodie was still in school. I love following Brodie’s adventures, he’s an amazing young man (Harley too, Brodie’s brother) and incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful mum. Here are Zoe’s answers to my questions:

Tell us a little about Brodie

Brodie is a 20-year-old young man, he has his own lawn mowing business and he works two days a week with a support worker, the other 3 days he attends a farm day options programme.  Brodie loves life and has a great sense of adventure, he loves fast rides, fast cars and fast boats.  He can ride a quad bike, motor bike, and loves to go on the jet-ski.  He follows Aussie rules football and is a Port Adelaide supporter.


What is your connection to autism?

Brodie was diagnosed with Autism at 22 months old, his sibling Harley was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was 8 years old.

What made you start a Facebook page/blog?

Brodie is a legend and I don’t care if sharing his achievements is ‘inspiration porn’ or not, I think it’s great he can inspire others to live life to fullest they can.

Do you think there is enough support and resources in your area for autistic people and their families?

Over the years it has changed so much, services have grown, but everything is still a fight, you are constantly having to prove your child’s autism like it may have magically disappeared.


What are your thoughts about how autism is portrayed in the media?

I feel like the Autism community is often fighting within itself over these types of things.   I believe strongly we must listen to Autistic adults, but we must remember that being a parent of a person with Autism is also a role and it in itself has its own story and no it’s not the same narrative as being an Autistic person, but it has a different story and parents should feel OK with sharing that story with respect of course.

What 3 books, related to autism, would you recommend to people?

Gosh I haven’t read any books in ages (who has time) I found the movie “The Black balloon” was representational of our story, it’s also Australian.

What would you like the world to know about autism?

It’s different for everyone and each story/each family situation/each belief system and values is going to change how autism looks for each autistic person and their family and friends and supports.  I can share my story, I can assist Brodie to share his story and help provide a platform for him to do so and assist him with finding his voice, but that’s all. It’s just how it is and how it was for us, we can’t tell others how be autistic, or what autism means to them or how to parent their child with autism.  You need to take it on an individual basis and you have to accept each unique story without judgement.


You can follow Zoe & Brodie’s Facebook page here:  Forehead kisses – Our Awesome Autism page

Brodie’s business page is here: Mow Your Own Future

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