A mini interview with Lynn

I ‘met’ Lynn a few years ago on an app called ‘periscope’ where we chatted with friends in a kind of ‘go live’ setting. I love following her journey and Owen is an amazing boy. Together they are one incredible team and they create some incredible art work which I love seeing. Here are Lynn’s answers to my questions:

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Lynn and I am currently living in West Virginia, USA, with my son, Owen who is seven. After moving to West Virginia I became involved in theatre, and eventually into stand-up comedy. My son and I love to go bowling. And I love donuts.


What is your connection to autism?

My son, Owen, was diagnosed with autism in March of 2015, near his third birthday. Since then I have been trying to learn how to help and support my son.

What made you start a Facebook page/blog?

I wanted to share our journey about autism with others. I wanted other parents to not feel alone, and for those that had not been around autism, I wanted to share a glimpse into our world to see what it is like. I wanted to show the whole story. My roller coaster of emotions, the highs, the lows, and in-between; all while learning what autism means to my son, and his future. I wanted a place to share our victories, and celebrate other’s victories, as well. Plus, I wanted people to be able to ask me questions about our journey.


Do you think there is enough support and resources in your area for autistic people and there families?

No! Flat out, NO! I don’t think there is enough support for families anywhere. That’s a broad statement, but I truly believe that so many families are struggling for help, and support. I feel like the support needs to start earlier, and start with the parents, and guardians, and then the children. I felt like not only was I having to recreate the wheel, but I had to find a way to move it along. I think the nice thing about social media is being able to reach out to others that have walk along this path, and they become part of your support system.

What are your thoughts about how autism is portrayed in the media?

I think I block a lot of it out. I try to focus more on the positive stories, and not what the media is really saying.

What three books related to autism would you recommend to people?

That’s a hard one for me to narrow down. I have learned a lot from the author Brenda Smith Myles. Any of her books, I think, will answer a lot of behavioural questions, and help you with solutions, or more of an understanding of autism.

What would you like the world to know about autism?

My son has severe autism, but he is thriving. He is learning to talk, and every day I see growth. I want people to understand that he is accomplishing great things, even though he may struggle to learn some things. It’s not always easy for him, or me, but like I tell him, we are a team, and will get through this together. I always say, “autism wasn’t important to me, until autism was important to me”.


You can follow Lynn & Owen on Facebook: Sweet Baby O

Lynn’s blog is here: Lynn Browder

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