The day she was born, I changed

There are so many moments in life that define you. Sometimes you don’t even see them until long after the moment has passed. Memories are triggered by certain words, feelings, photographs, smells, tastes, a conversation….. and so many more things and often reflecting on the past can lead to the realisation that ‘Wow, that was a moment that changed my life’. One of those biggest moments for me was the day Eliza was born.

Here she is, a few hours old.

Eliza is ten this year. She was my first pregnancy and a joy to carry, I was never sick and bloomed throughout the pregnancy. She was a horrendous delivery, one of the scariest days of my life as well of one of the most beautiful. Eliza’s my first born. She entered this world in a dramatic, feisty diva style way and is a beautiful, confident, independent young lady that still retains that feisty diva side but with added pre-teen attitude and a sarcastic tainted sense of humour that she may have inherited from me. Having a baby changes you, of course it does, but sometimes in ways you don’t realise until you actually look back to that moment. There are the obvious physical changes and emotional changes but sometimes random little things too. For example, films or TV shows I used to love and watch before she was born I can’t watch now. It’s like my entire emotional workings has been rewritten and rewired with extra sympathy, empathy, fear and love than before. I feel so much more deeply. That probably sounds bizarre to some of you but I can’t imagine it’s just me that feels this way.

The day Eliza was born has helped create the person I am today. Despite my strange emotional reboot, I am so much stronger and confident. I feel a love that I had never felt before, for her and her younger brother (Yes despite the horrendous delivery, I did eventually go and have another baby and he made her delivery look like a dream! That’s a story for another day). I don’t view the world just through my own eyes anymore, I view it both through them and with them in mind constantly. I’ve tried things I probably would never have done without children. They are my world, my most precious loves.


This was written for the prompt ‘The day that changed me was…’ for the ‘Finish the sentence Friday’ group hosted by Finding Ninee and Mardra Sikora



4 thoughts on “The day she was born, I changed”

  1. My firstborn will be 10 in July. Yikes! She was an easy pregnancy for me too. I had smell sensitivity but nothing too extreme. No sickness and I glowed. My second was much harder and a scary after delivery. Both days changed me in such different way.


  2. Aw, my oldest also will be ten on July 17th, so, I totally can relate to your feelings above. Except with her, I was pretty much nauseous from the moment I stepped out of bed until the money I returned at night. Never threw up though. Just queasy all day long. And those first moments of holding her in my arms truly will be with me forever, as well ❤


  3. I can’t believe our babies are so OLD now… and yes, the day they were born changed us for sure. I was going to write more about the “REBOOT” too but what can we say? I mean, they changed us forever. xoxo to us, my friend.


  4. I agree wholeheartedly. My son’s birth opened my heart and soul in ways I never knew were in me…capable…possible. I don’t know if any woman tried to tell me what motherhood felt like from the inside out, but even if they had, no one can know until they experience it herself. It’s a beautiful thing.


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