10 things I’m looking forward to in the future

  1. Noah had his first School photo taken this week. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. It could go either way really. Total cuteness overload or crazy happy boy with goofy face pulling. I’ve had all sorts from Eliza in the past so I’m ready lol. Either way, I’m so excited.
  2. Winter. I love winter. The kids look forward to Sunday afternoons where we often do a quick trip to the local park, head home for hot chocolate, popcorn and watch a film together. If it snows, we’re the first ones out with the sledges! We have snowball fights and create random snow sculptures.

    2018-03-03 11.03.51
    Eliza & Noah, early 2018 and looking like they are mid way through a song!
  3. Taking the kids to see ‘The Grinch’ at the cinema. Eliza has been waiting months for this film. She loves The Grinch and pretty much anything Dr. Seuss wise. I’ll be doing my best to listen to the voice of The Grinch and not look up expecting to see Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch is the voice).
  4. My birthday. It falls between Christmas and New Year and often forgotten by many because it’s such a busy time, but I look forward to it because the children do. They know Mummy has a cake and they get to assist with the blowing out of candles and then the eating of said cake. I get a few balloons and we order in take away food. I’ve always hated my birthday. It sucks to have it at that time of year but now I have children, it’s made it a bit more special because they insist we celebrate it.
  5. Seeing my dad this month. He turns 80! Wow, I feel old! It’s a huge milestone to reach, especially when cancer keeps trying to shorten his years. I’ve no idea what to get him of course. He’s going to be 80, he has everything! Eliza’s priority for her Grandad – cake, candles and balloons!
  6. The day that cuts to services and therapies ends for SEN children and adults. It seriously can’t continue the way it’s heading. Cutbacks for schools is appalling too and needs to stop. It frightens me what the future may hold for both children, but especially Eliza who will need supporting as an adult.
  7. The New Year. I’m not one for resolutions as such but I do enjoy closing the door on the year gone by and the feeling of a brand new year or fresh start being offered.
  8. A close friend of mine is about to have his first novel published! I’ve ordered our copies and I can’t wait to have them here in the house. It’s a story where the heroes are from Special Education with Autism, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome and anxiety. It is an incredible story and I’ve had the privilege of reading it already as it was being created. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve sat on the edge of my seat for parts of it. At one point I swore at my friend because the scene he had written was so tense and emotional that my Fitbit was losing the plot with my pulse rate lol. Basically, a great book! I’m shamelessly going to leave the link here – Guerrillas by Chris Bonnello 42864303_2086616944936620_879293476095655936_o
  9. My children’s birthdays next year. Noah will be 5 and after all he’s been through with his illness and surgeries, the further away he gets from that time of his life, the better. As for Eliza. She will be 10. Ten. TEN!!!!! Double figures. I’m not ready for double figures. She is, she tells me how grown up she is and how she is excited to turn 10. They are both growing up so fast and in to amazing people.
  10. The future. No matter what happens I look forward to the future because it’s unknown and despite being a little daunting at times, it’s also exciting. There will be times of joy and laughter but also times of despair and uncertainty. But we have some incredible people around us to spend time with so we get through the good and the bad together. To my dad and my friend who are fighting cancer – You got this. Keep going and kick it’s arse. It’s not welcome and it has no right to be in your lives. Love you both.

This was a promt for ’10 things I’m looking forward to’ from the ‘Finish the Sentence Friday’ group I am part of. Hosted by Finding Ninee and Sporadically Yours


5 thoughts on “10 things I’m looking forward to in the future”

  1. Love, love, love your list. I have so been there with the school photos and just never know what you are going to get. But sounds like all good things are on the horizon for you and your family. Here is to only the best as the future unfolds 🙂

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  2. My dad turned 80 in September! It made me feel older too. LOL to the school photo. Every year, I get excited about Tucker’s. So far, there’s ONE that I love. One. He does this weird goofy smile in them. Gah. Here’s to snow! I’m excited for it too! Strength and prayers to your dad and friend. I hope they both kick cancer’s butt SOON.

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