Conversations & cuddles at silly O’clock in the morning

Eliza is not a great sleeper and she is often awake until midnight or after and many nights she can be up two or three times especially if something is on her mind. Recently we’d been to a summer fun day and her brother had a glitter tattoo on his arm. Eliza was adamant she didn’t want one but in the early hours of the morning almost two days later she woke me up begging me for a glitter tattoo. I explained that this would not be possible right now but she sat on my bed and told me she needed it to happen or she couldn’t settle. It’s like she has to tick a certain box in her brain to allow her to move forward. So I quickly pulled a highlighter pen out of the drawer next to my bed and drew a smiley face on her arm for her. That was her tattoo and that was enough for her to smile and go back to bed and she did sleep that night.

I promise my art skills are better than this, but this was done with my eyes half-open and my brain half asleep!

My bed is a place you’ll often find Eliza between the hours of 1am and 5am when she just ‘drops by for a chat’. As tired as it makes me, I love our conversations in my bed. I also love the fact my mobile charges next to my bed so Google is on hand to help me out with her random questions or conversation starters. Here are a few examples of the things she talks about when she joins me in bed….

  • Can you cry on the moon Mummy?
  • Why do feet grow?
  • If I had a Unicorn, I’d call him Trevor. What would you call it Mummy?

We’ve also had Christmas carol singalongs (In June!), discussions about roller coasters and I already know her Christmas and Birthday lists.

Doesn’t matter if it is 1am or 6am, who could be mad at that beautiful face?

My son, Noah, is a great sleeper. At 4 years old he can sleep through thunder storms, car alarms and his sister having a meltdown or pacing the house. Even on the odd occasion he falls out of bed, he barely wakes up. Just climbs back in. There are times he has bad dreams in the early hours of the morning and these are the times he joins me in my bed for a talk and a cuddle. Once settled and reassured he often returns to his own bed but sometimes he falls asleep and stays in mine and it’s lovely watching his squishy little face as he snores.

Not much wakes Noah. Look at that squishy face….

My bed is never just my own. If neither child is in it, the cats are on it. They love my bed as much as I do. The two of them are also responsible for waking me up many a time at silly O’clock to tell me they are still hungry or bring me half a mouse (So then I can’t sleep anyway for wondering where the other half is……), or to just wake me to move me so they can get comfy!

Bella at the front (or generally my left knee area that she uses as a pillow). Lola at the bottom, also known as ‘Lola the foot grabber’.

Thanks for reading. This was a prompt for ‘My bed…..’ in a group called ‘Finish the Sentence Friday’ hosted by Sporadically Yours and Finding Ninee 🙂


12 thoughts on “Conversations & cuddles at silly O’clock in the morning”

  1. I didn’t know glitter tattoos were a thing, but now, I want one. I like what you did in a pinch; that looks like my art work on a good day though! XD I think your kids and your cats are adorable, and I enjoyed reading this post and getting to know them.

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    1. Glitter tattoos are awesome. They’ve become very popular at summer fetes etc. They last around 4-5 days too and easy to get off with water and baby oil. My cats are great, pair of grumpy old ladies they are lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Half a mouse? Yikes. I love that Eliza settled after you drew a highlighter smiley face on her arm, and her questions are totally precious. 🙂 Tucker fell out of bed in a hotel during our move and didn’t even remember in the morning.

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  3. I’d worry about the other half of the mouse too! Eek!
    My son is like Noah with sleeping. And we totally get Silly o’Clock around here!

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  4. I love the random questions children think of. My little man struggles to go off to sleep and will shout to the monitor to ask me ‘what you watching?’, ‘what’s Plan in morning?’ Etc. Not perfect time for a conversation haha x


  5. I can understand why you would want google by your side, with those questions presented to you in the middle of the night, or anytime! Cute.

    It amazes me how some children can sleep through just about anything and others wake at the least little sound.

    The answer to where the other half of the mouse is has just got to be that it was eaten. No other answer is even acceptable in my book. 🙂


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