It has been a busy few weeks so yet again I have neglected the blog! Time just runs away with me, life takes over and often I sit here with the intention of writing a new piece and then something else happens and it gets put to one side. We also had school disco, parties, half term…. Apologies all, let me fill you in on what has been happening in the Blooming Household.


Those of you that follow the blog and/or our Facebook page will know that Eliza suffers greatly with anxiety, it really impacts her daily life. I pushed her comfort zone a lot and took her to Horse Therapy. Lovely little club at a local stables at weekends that works with Special Needs children. The children get to groom ponies, lead them around the yard, hug them and some ride if they want to. The first couple of weeks she didn’t do much, anxiety took over and she spent most of the session on the floor crying and kicking my legs. She started to enjoy it towards the end when she realised it was OK, nothing bad was going to happen. As the weeks went on the meltdowns became less and she was offered to sit on a pony, she did and instantly relaxed. Not a care in the world. Her balance was incredible considering she sat bare back and never even sat on a pony before (we tried once when she was younger, lasted 3 seconds). The following week she sat in front of one of the instructors, again no saddle and they rode for half an hour. Anxiety gone completely, she was so relaxed her speech was non stop, constantly chatting about ponies, school and gold dubloons (like you do). The last time she rode was a couple of weeks and she was so relaxed she was yawning. Telling the instructor as she rode “There is a pony over there…. under the tree….. it eats hay you know…… it’s a brown pony……” She even helped feed ponies after and led one to the field alone (with teacher in front and me behind just in case she let go lol). As we were about to go home she gave the teacher a hug! Unprompted and lovely to see, her way of saying thanks. Horse therapy is great and we will carry on with that weekly.


We have been using essential oils around the home to aid relaxing and calming. I found some small metal diffuser balls (look like tiny baubles with holes in) that I can discreetly hide around the house. I often sit in the same room as her before she heads to bed and I light the burner too. I have noticed she quite likes the oils and we have had some mixed with a carrier oil so she can have some on her skin (she loves a foot rub). Other than making my rooms smell amazing, they do seem to take the “edge” off her stressy self that we often get more towards bedtime as she struggles to wind down and switch off. We will keep up with the oils and I will keep you posted about how we are doing.

Last week we started a homeopathic tablet called Calm N Restful. Completely natural and harmless. I was hoping it would help at night time when Eliza struggles to switch off. Day one showed a little change, she was more relaxed and less jumpy. Day two onward she has been much calmer in the evenings and found it a lot easier to switch off and actually sleep. Usually bedtime is an endless battle and she’s up till after midnight. She gets so anxious about all sorts of things and her brain struggles to process things and she ends up upset. The last 5 days she has been asleep by 9.30pm so a huge improvement. We still get a lot of sleep talking (and sometimes sleep yelling) but the bedtime routine has been much easier. The added bonus is that as she now sleeps a little better, her morning routine is full of smiles rather than tears and grumpiness because she was always so tired. They can also be used for daytime when facing things that cause stress or anxiety. She had one before a party at the weekend and she was much more confident and had a wonderful time. So far they have had a fantastic impact on her so we will continue to use them for now. Even school have noticed how much calmer she is and that she is more focused.


The letter above I made the other day ready to ‘deliver’ to school next week. I found a template online then added the written section an a picture of ‘Santa’. Eliza LOVES Christmas and this may work in helping lose a few habits she has picked up at school. I often chat to her teacher and give them’ammunition’ they can use as needed whether it be for motivation or a helping hand towards some behavior issues. This might be something like a programme she loves currently or photo’s of something she enjoys. Every week on Monday she takes in a piece of A4 paper with pictures on from what she has done over the weekend. It’s used as a prompt to remind her what she can talk about in class when they discuss the weekend as she often forgets when so busy at school.

So there you have it, a few things we have been doing since the last blog. Eliza changes all the time, I can not believe she is going to be 7 next year!!! Where did the time go?

Author: Julie Clarke

Mum to 2 children, ex nurse, Sci-Fi fan, reading geek.

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