Day Trips & Judgmental Whispers


I love this picture, this ‘Prayer’. It became something I said in my head before we headed out for the day somewhere, almost to prepare me for any comments, stares and judgmental looks that we all experience at some point. (I take no credit for it at all, I found it a long time ago on Google Images and have seen it do the rounds on Facebook a few times).
How many of us FEAR going out because of other people’s reactions? How many of us NEVER go out because of them, because its ‘safer’ or easier to stay at home? It crosses my mind each time that it would be so much easier to stay home and shield us away from the stares, whispers, rude comments, judgmental looks and questions than to go out and face them. You see the people making us feel like this have no idea how hard it is for us to even go out! The planning we endure, the time that goes in to every detail to make sure we all have a wonderful and safe day out.
Our lives on a day out transform in to some kind of Tag Team effect with phrases exchanged between myself and the husband like “Whoever is not pushing the buggy shadows Eliza, she runs then you run, then we switch when we get to the cafe…..”. The kids get a great day out and we bundle them in the car to go home but before we do, hubby and I give each other a high five because we survived! Survived the day out, survived the looks and whispers and the added bonus is we arrived with two children and didn’t lose either!!
I certainly agree with the final part of “….wisdom to know when it’s time to go home” and this has been learnt through trial and error as such yet there are times I perhaps push my luck and in return push Eliza’s boundaries a little but only as I now feel confident doing so, knowing that I read her every move by the look on her face and trying to remain one step ahead of her as always.

Author: Julie Clarke

Mum to 2 children, ex nurse, Sci-Fi fan, reading geek.

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